Chronic Dehydration

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Chronic Dehydration


Hydration of our cells is of vital importance, especially our brain cells.  We are not functioning at our best physical, emotionally or intellectually when we are not hydrated.  For me personally it is literally the difference between remembering and forgetting, getting out of bed easy in the morning or not, complete sadness and lack of luster for life and severe pain in my joints and muscles.



Chronic Dehydration has been linked to ALL diseases and pain in your body.  We absolutely NEED water to feel good, think good, get toxins out of our body and feel happy about life.



Water is the Fuel That Feeds Every Cell in our Body.



Water is Essential to Strengthening your Immune System.



    Water Fights Cancer Naturally.   



Water Helps us Digest Food.



Water Transports Nutrients in Our Body.



Water Keeps Our DNA from Damage.



Water Strengthens our Red Blood Cells.




Water increases Oxygen to Our Blood.



Asthma is a sign of Chronic Dehydration.



Your Digestive System Absolutely NEEDS
Water in Order to Process FOOD.



Your Joints Need Water or they Hurt.



All Parts of Your Body Suffer in
Chronic Dehydration.



Diabetes is the result of Brain Water Deficiency to the point that the brain's neurotransmitter systems are affected.



Water, Hydration Cures Angina.


Water Cures Depression


Water is Essential in Preventing a Stroke.


Water, Chronic Dehydration has
Been Linked to Alzheimer's.



Your Eyes Need Water to Work
effectively.  Dehydration - Poor Eyesight.





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